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Fishing Sense Book

Why oh why, in the plethora of fishing books that have gone to press, is there not one that ensures success?
The reason is that there are so many variables in fly fishing that it’s practically impossible, so a few key pointers and anecdotal tales are about all you can hope for.

We need to ask ourselves key questions in order to succeed, such as why does a trout favour one fly over another on one particular day, but then ignore it entirely on another?

Acclaimed fly fishing author Philip Weigall has put this wonderful book together to try and decipher and even answer some of these questions.

He tries to unearth some fly fishing truths, looking at techniques, ideas and concept that will be familiar to many of us. His objective, using his decades of experience, is to try and figure out just what it is that honestly matters when it comes to catching trout consistently.  

Distributor: 01202 649930

RRP: £9.95

Website: www.dhpbookshop.com

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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