We’ve teamed up with Snowbee to reward your special catches.

Early season salmon fishing, chasing grayling or simply stalking around a stillwater in winter are all situations in which a pair of these snuggly salopettes will definitely help keep the cold at bay. Designed as a mid layer to be worn under chest waders or breathable waterproofs, they’re constructed using a flat stitching process that means the seams don’t form irritating and uncomfortable ridges. The ankle cuffs are tailored narrow to ensure they can be worn comfortably under wading boots and the full-length front zip means that nature can be answered when it calls. Available in five sizes from small (36/38in chest) through to XXL (48/50in). Agent X wishes he’d had a pair for his visit to Broad Oak this month!
Distributor: 01752 334933

RRP: £79.99


Fed up of grilled or baked trout? Fancy eating your catch at the water’s edge? Then why not have a go at smoking your catch with this smart stainless steel smoker from Snowbee.

Looking for the ideal starter kit for a young angler?

Well this Classic Combo kit from Snowbee is worth considering. It comprises a four-piece Classic fly rod and a lightweight graphite fly reel loaded with a Snowbee Classic weight-forward floating fly line, backing and leader.

All that is needed is a selection of flies to get you going! The rod length and fly line rating is suitable for a young person, which is important if they are to master the basics of casting and playing fish. This is a quality product and an excellent starter kit to get a young angler up and running.

Contact: 01752 334933

RRP: £103


If you’re looking for quality neoprene chestwaders for under £100 then the Snowbee Classics certainly fit the bill. Brought back for 2016, they are manufactured from a quality 4mm, double-lined SCR-grade (styrene chloroprene rubber) composite neoprene, for flexibility and wearer comfort.

Distance is something we all strive for on occasions and having the right rod and line can make the difference. Coming in two sizes, WF7 and WF8, Snowbee’s Competition Long Cast Floater is a twin-coloured line with a white 60ft head and a dull red, 90ft, fine running line.

The line casts and shoots well and once the head makes its way out of the tip ring the thin running line quickly follows. It performs well at short range and has the ability to punch a team of flies out at distance. The line comes with a bottle of line slick but you will need your own connectors to join to the backing and leader. A good distance line that lies straight and fishes well.

Distributor: 01752 334933

RRP: £49.00


Snowbee’s SFT breathable waders have become bestsellers since their introduction and their popularity is likely to be matched by this new wading jacket.

While the Classic range might be Snowbee’s ‘budget’ series of fly rods, there’s nothing ‘entry level’ that we’ve seen about the 10ft Classic for a 6/7-wt line.

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your fly line snagged under your feet or on the undergrowth,
Rapid fly selection when you have so many patterns and hook sizes is not always easy, more so if you have to trawl through three, four, or even more fly boxes.
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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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