Wednesday, 30 November 2011 13:10

Where did they go!?

It’s funny how one minute a place is fishing its head off but then we visit to shoot a feature things take a dramatic down turn!

Recently we went up north to try our luck at Lindholme’s new trout lake, up near Doncaster, reports of anglers catching upwards of 50 trout in a session, with one or two netting over 100, made it all seem rather too easy.

When we arrived it was blowing a gale, it was also freezing cold, something we’d not been used to for some time!

The fishing was patchy, I say patchy, it was good, but for a water where over 20 fish per angler had been the norm, our catch of eight and nine, Andy Taylor and I was positively dismal!

But, and here’s the rub, other anglers who were fishing were getting far less!

Some had taken four or five, others had one or two and one chap had yet to catch when we left!

As the place had only been open a few weeks, could it be the case that all those trout that had been caught and released had wised up already? Possibly. However, a more likely reason was that the weather had taken a turn for the worse.

No matter how many fish are stocked, if conditions are not right, they just won’t play ball and that’s why fly fishing can be so tough at times. You can’t beat yourself up if they are not playing ball, sometimes you’ve just got to accept the fact that they are not on the feed.

Unlike coarse anglers, we can’t toss several kilos of whatever in the water to get them going, ours is far more civilized past time, but we just don’t catch as much!

Steve Cullen

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