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Lake of Menteith
Report 07/06/16
6ft Water Temperature   20C , Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.5m.


The Lake temp has hit 20C the hottest since July 2014, this time last year it was only 10.5C. Katie’s brae, gravel pit, sandy bay into the heronry are still holding fish and getting caught  on Daiwl bachs, nymphs and blobs and boobies. In the evenings when the sun goes into hiding the fish are coming up to the dries.

We also have a good hatch of daphnia.

SANACC Scottish Club Championship.

Heat 5 of the 2016 SANACC Scottish Club Championships took place on the evening of Saturday 28th May. 10 clubs were competing and 106 fish were caught for 216lb. Best areas were road shore along through the gravel pits to Lochend. Boobies and buzzers were the preferred method of the night.

1st place were Monifieth trout with 26 fish for 53lb, 2nd place Menteith Ospreys with 17 fish for 34lb 10oz 3rd place Roscobie Loch Dev with 16 fish for 32lb 8oz. Top 5 individuals for Champion of Champions: Frank Ross from Monifieth 10 fish for 20lb 10.5oz George Gall from Roscobie 10 fish for 20lb 9.5oz Peter Auchterlonie from Menteith Ospreys 9 fish for 17lb 5.8oz Chris Davidson from Monifieth 8 fish for 16lb 13oz Malcolm Selvey From Monifieth 8 fish for 15lb 13.5oz . Heaviest fish was caught by Raymond Bell weighing in at 3lb 7oz. The winning team Captain received an engraved Menteith 50th anniversary swing top half bottle of malt and the 12 bottles of the Beer of Menteith were also dispersed among the top rods.


On heat 5 was a hot night when the boys went out but despite that the 30 anglers caught an impressive 148 fish. Top rod was newbie Craig Gibbons he caught 11 fish he was out with veteran Andy Kemp who caught 10 and was second, they started using buzzers then changed to green olive Diawl bachs using the washing line method on a floating line drifting from Katie's brae over to Todd's hole. 3rd was Keir Hardie he also got 10 fish but caught his fish at a later time than Andy. Craig wins a £25 voucher from James Bayne tackle shop in Callander, Andy chose a Lake of Menteith T shirt from our range of merchandise as his prize and Keir wins a bottle of whisky from Andy Smith of Southside Decorating. D.F. Full league table atwww.menteith-fisheries.co.uk

We are holding the Disabled international on the 21st and 22nd of June, if you are available to be a boatman for these days you can either contact us through our facebook page or call me (Douglas) on 07752128489 and we will pass on your details to the relevant people.

A couple of Damsels left (pic by Jamie Fraser)

Water Temperature – 15C, Clarity (Secchi disc)1.8m.

The water clarity has reduced in the past few days but that’s not reducing the catches, areas doing well include cages, stable point, up behind dog island, butts bay and in front of the lodge. Flies doing well are diawl bachs, candy booby, red headed damsel.

On Wednesday night the penultimate night of the boat league 21 anglers went out and caught 65 fish. Top rod was Last year’s winner Brian Mckenzie with 10 fish, he caught his fish up at the Plantation using dries, second was Les Grant with 8 fish hr caught his fish in front of the hut using Bobbies ad cormorants, and third was Stuart Ingles with 8 fish, he caught his fish on boobies up at the cages. This Weeks prizes went to Les Grant he got the bottle of whisky from Andy Smith of Southside Decorators and Stuart Ingles got the £25 voucher from James Bayne Tackle shop in Callander.


There has been a few nice brownies caught this week.

Top left David Fulerton and Graham McKinley from Port Glasgow with a pair of 4lb + fish.

Top right David Mateer from Inverness  with one about 6lb returned.

Left Top rod from the recent youth international Jordan Queen with a nice one about 6lb.

Tel/Fax 01877 385664



Water Temperature – 18C, Clarity (Secchi disc) 3m .

Some hot and calm weather for a change with east or northerly winds. On Monday 24th the pens were blown up to the exclusion zone rope barrier by the light northerlies and some great sport was had “along the rope” on dries, dries and buzzer/nymph combo and lures. Over the weekend the warm water made things a little trickier than usual especially when air temperatures dropped during heavy showers but again there were still some anglers reporting brilliant catches on mayfly imitations like the double humpy hares ear and on lures eg booby and red head damsel. Best areas were Hotel Bay, Reedy Point Rookery, Gateside Dog Isle, Malling Shore and Sandy Bay.  

Jim Crawford from Ayrshire was out on Sunday 23rd and sent in this photo. A video by Paul Barr of  the free swimming big bows in the vicinity of the fish pens can be seen on our Facebook Page.

Heat 12 Scottish Club Championships Saturday 22nd July.

Mixed weather conditions for heat 12 of the Scottish Club Championships, Gusty winds and some heavy downpours made fishing conditions hard on the night. Once again most boats headed to the rookery and Gateside bay to escape the conditions. A total of 50 fish where caught by the 33 anglers and 11 of these where returned for a total weight of 125lb 9.10oz. Hoppers and small nymphs on midge tips and floating lines where the best methods on the night. The top 3 teams which qualified for the second semifinal on the 25th August are. 1st place Glencorse RSV “B” 9 fish for 18lb 14.9oz 2nd place Gateside Fly Casters 7 fish for 18lb 14.8oz. 3rd place Coldstream & Dist 7 fish for 18lb 8.3oz. The top 5 anglers going through to the Champion of Champions are 1st Stevie Whitehead, Glencorse 5 fish for 10lb 0.9oz, 2nd Campbell Morgan, Strathleven 4 fish for 9lb 5.4oz, 3rd Jock Craig, Brechin 4 fish for 9lb 5.4oz, 4th Bradley Chalmers, Gateside 3 fish for 8lb 12.2oz, 5th Derek Hessett, Gateside 3 fish for 7lb 0.9oz. The best fish of the night fell to Dick Logan, Coldstream a 5lb 12.9oz rainbow. The top club, top angler and captor of the best fish all received a bottle of whisky from our sponsor Loch Lomond distillery.

2017 Boat League Results 19/7/17

It was a quiet night with only 15 turning up for the 12 night of the boat league, however the catches were reasonable with 67 fish netted. It was a closely contested evening with 4 guys getting 8 fish so it came down to who caught there first fish first. William Ramage was the one to get his fish at 6:15, 2nd was Willie Campbell he got his first at 6:40, 3rd was Alistair Fountain who caught his first at 6:53 and then at 7:43. This weeks prizes went to; Alistair Fountain - £25 voucher from Baynes Tackle shop in Callander and Willie Campbell won the bottle of whisky from Andy Smith of Southside decorators.
With only 3 nights to go William Ramage is now in a strong position with Brian Mckenzie in second and Alistair Fountain in third. Top areas were cage bay using a floater or midge tip with Boobies (coral or cat) cats whisker appetiser, Diawl bachs.

Plenty of boats available for this Sunday 30th July.

Tel/Fax 01877 385664


Some excellent catches mainly on the buzzer this week. Washing line when they were up and straight lining with a floater or even intermediate lines when there was no surface activity. Stocking days this week are yesterday and today, with 900 mainly rainbows going in (a few browns).  Best areas have been wind direction dependent but really the whole loch has fished well with perhaps the Butts, Hotel Bay and Dog Isle getting the most frequent mentions. Club results from the last few days: Dalzel AC landed 18 for 43lbs and returned 60 with 6 boats. Lochinch weighed in 29 for 62lbs and returned 26 with 67 boats. SANA youth returned 68 with 7 boats and Townhill took 46 for 109lbs with 8 boats. Still plenty of the big overwintered 5-6lb fish in the catches.

Lake menteith pic

The main news this week is the sad loss of the second satellite tagged juvenile osprey as it started its migration back to Scotland after two successful years of growing up in Guana. It disappeared over Senegal in a small coastal bay. Probably shot?? Its sibling was lost in Guana about a year ago to unknown causes. Below is a picture of one of the two ospreys before they migrated to Africa in 2015.

The 2017 season opened on Saturday 18th March in a wee heaven sent weather window. The fishery highlighted the accessibility of boat fishing for the Young and also for the Young at heart. In recognition of our most important customer group - the "Young at Heart", two of our regular customers Bob Ralston and Joe Oliver from Aberfoyle carried out the official opening ceremony... Bob has been fishing the Lake since the opening year in 1966 and spoke about the changes he had seen over the years at the Lake and what a special place it is and Joe splashed the whisky. Piper Stewart Marshal gave us half an hour of his great tunes before jumping into a boat with Malcolm Miller and then later weighing in 6 fish for 20lbs with 7 returned. A total of 454 fish were recorded as being caught by the 32 boats, of which 41 were killed for a total weight of 97lbs, 4ozs. (5 boats did not mark in). The whole scene was superbly captured by Craig Somerville of Angling Active on video and Paul Barr with his camera (have a look at our facebook page - follow the link https://www.facebook.com/menteithfisheries ).Some boats did very well in the calm morning on buzzers, whilst others faired better with lures when the wind got up. Best areas on opening day were the Butts and Hotel Bay but catches were well spread. A midge tip line worked well until the wind arrived in the afternoon. The most notable point of the day was the large number of overwintered large (6-9lbs) fish in the catches. These fish were stocked at the end of October and have indeed proved to be cormorant proof - as evidenced by the large number in the catches. To finish off the day a hog roast and refreshments were served.


Overturned Boat - Sunday 19th

The weather went downhill quickly with two very windy days then one of snow and we had an overturned boat. The details of the event are now described. Gust of around 30km per hour from the weston Sunday 19th, encountered a boat travelling broadside on to the road shore. The boat was nose heavy with a large angler sitting above the bow seat on a very heavy plank with strap on seat. The boat was travelling at full throttle on a 4hp engine and large amounts of water came in over the bow. The angler sitting at the front was facing malling and his seat was off centre. The large amount of water destabilised the boat which turned upside down (leeside went under first). The man on the outboard's lifejacket was lying in the boat and he held on to the boat which was lying almost level with the surface due to the buoyancy tanks - whilst shouting for help. The man in the bow who was wearing a life jacket was able to cling to his tackle whilst awaiting rescue - which was luckily near at hand (water temperature 4.5C).


The mistakes

1. Failure of any angler to be wearing the lifejacket despite instruction.

2. Failure to slow down or change direction sufficiently to prevent dangerous amounts of water coming into the boat.

3.Failure of man in bow to reposition to middle seat to prevent waves breaking over the front and also failure of bowman to lower centre of gravity and to centre himself in the middle of the boat when it became unstable.


The weather looks set to stabilise with high pressure developing.


Below left Bill Osborne with a brace; on right Gerard Pequegnot with another and John Buchanan's Pike.


Tight lines to all for 2017.

Wear a lifejacket or don’t go out. 


The 2016 SANACC Champion of Champions final was held on the lake today. 52 anglers competed having qualified as the best rods during the heats of the Scottish Club Championships. The weather was slightly better than the previous day with a more settled east wind coupled with cloud cover. Anglers killed their first 2 fish before going onto catch and release with each additional fish being awarded 2lbs. Larger fish were capped at a maximum weight of 4lbs. At the end of the session 355 fish were caught for a total weight of 764lbs 14.9ozs, (the total weigh would actually have been higher as many returned fish were over 2lbs and there were lots of fish capped at 4lbs). This gave a rod average of 6.83. There were no blanks and 3 fish was the lowest catch.


The winner on the day was Alan Smith of Kinross AC. He landed 13 fish for a total weight of 26lbs 4.10ozs. Alan caught his fish on a Genghis FAB on a 7 foot Cortland midge tip. He was fishing between Sam's Point and the Rookery. Alan won a Snowbee Prestige 10 foot rod, a selection of flytying materials and a bottle of Loch Lomond malt whisky. 2nd place went to Brian MacKenzie of Neilston Fly Fishers. Brian landed 12 fish for 24lbs 4.4 ozs.Brian won a Snowbee reel, Loch Lomond Whisky and fly tying materials. 3rd place went to Alan Steven of FAFA with 10 fish for 22lbs. Alan was presented with a Snowbee line, Loch Lomond Whisky and fly tying materials. Heaviest fish on the day was caught by Gregor Fleming and weighed 7lbs 14ozs. Thanks to all of the anglers who took part and to the sponsors, Snowbee, Flytying Scotland, Glencairn Crystal and Loch Lomond Distillery – and the Lake. The outgoing secretary of the Scottish Clubs, Kenny Miller was presented with 2 photographs from the fishery to thank him for his hard work and friendship during his time in the role which he had carried out since 1999. We hope to still see him regularly at the fishery.

Untitled2.jpg  Untitled3.jpg

BIG FISHPlenty of fish left to stock at the Lake and the Lake is fishing at its best at the moment. We have tipped in 450 five to seven pounders in the last week and have about 300 of the 5-7lb fish left to stock, as well as 1200 2lb stockies. These fighting fit tunas have been putting up a good fight. Stevie Docherty from Corpach boated this blue on size 14 dry, which took him to the backing and Ray Leitch from Motherwell took this resident brown on an ace of spades.

6ft Water Temperature   16C , Clarity (Secchi disc) 3m.

 Clarity remains good and hot spots are still in the western drifts with The Gap, Heronry, Malling Shore, Stable Point and Gateside Bay all being favoured by the anglers. In the wind or at any time a slow glass or sink tip and lures has been popular but a couple of big dries has worked equally well if that is more your style!

Bill Ramage of Tillicoultry caught this 9lb 9oz bow in the cages on a size 10 black snatcher. He has also been doing well with the Ramage Cat (he won the Boat League last week with 15). Paul Garner was the best bag at the Scottish Clubs on Saturday night with 12 fish from Gateside with a blob and nymphs on a sink tip. In the last of the two National Semis last week at the Lake on 1/7/16 Alan MacLachlan from Bridge of Allan was top rod with 16 trout from Gateside on a booby and a slow glass (28 anglers caught 205 trout). In the Heat on 28th June Davie Moore (Dumfermline Artisans) was top rod with 20 trout all taken from the Heronry area on two yellow owls (48 anglers caught 306 fish).

Photos right and below by Colin Riach of Heriots Angling Club.

Lake of Menteith Report 14/06/16
6ft Water Temperature   16C , Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.5m.

Thankfully the Lake has cooled from its 20 deg C high and is now 16 deg C at 6ft. Clarity remains good at 2.5m. The hot weather dented rod averages a little last week but they soon recovered and were back up to a more usual 3.1 on Saturday night after a low of 1.35 for the previous Thursday.Stocking has continued as normal this week with 500 going in on Monday and a further 500 scheduled for Friday. We have increased our stocking versus last year (up 15%) and so far this season we have stocked 12413 trout compared to last year’s 10796 (up to 13th June). The 2015 total includes 400 trout stocked in early November of 2014. Boat hires have been roughly similar over the same periods. The warm water temperatures have resulted in a nicer than usual display of water lillies. Hot spot remains the east basin.

Belated Congratulations to Change Fly Fishers A, Thalassa AC and Leven Fly Casters for progression in the Anglian Water Airflo International and also to Menteith Ospreys, Perth RASC and Change B for progessing from the evening heat. Kevin McCabe of Change A had this beezer the day before the comp.

Heat 6 - 11th June 2016 Scottish Club Championship
Sponsored by Keir Hardie Joinery and the Lake of Menteith

Twelve clubs turned out for the 6th heat and although it had cooled quite a bit from earlier in the week the fishing was not easy. There was an easterly breeze and light rain throughout the session and by 11pm it was chilly. At the start of the evening almost all of the boats headed for the Lochend/Butts area and as to be expected the good bags of fish came from that area. A total of 112 trout for 228lbs 7ozs were caught by the 12 clubs.

Lintrathen FF "A" represented by Kevin Neri, Neil Anderson and Chris McAllister were the clear winners with 27 fish for 53lbs 15.625ozs. All three team members between them fished the area from the chalets through Loch End to Tods Hole and concentrated on a mix of suspender buzzers, crunchers and dries on floating lines. Kevin had 10 fish for 20lbs 4.5ozs; Neil had 11 fish for 22lbs 8.125ozs and Chris had 6 fish for 11lbs 3ozs. Crown FF "A" represented by Dougie Hek and his sons James and Colin were second with 15 fish for 31lbs 9.75ozs. Colin was the top individual rod on the night with 11 fish for 22lbs 9.75ozs.

Colin stuck with dries throughout the session and took his fish at Kates Brae. The third placed team were Port Glasgow AC "A" represented by Archie Blair, Stuart McCabe and Andy Elkin who between them had 15 fish for 30lbs 8.625ozs. These three team go through to the semi-final on 19th August.The top five individuals to go through to the final of the Champions of Champions were:- 1. Colin Hek of Crown FF with 11 trout for 22lbs 9.75ozs, 2. Neil Anderson of Lintrathen FF with 11 trout for 22lbs 8.125ozs, 3. Kevin Neri of Lintrathen FF with 10 trout for 20lbs 4.5ozs, 4. Stuart McCabe of Port Glasgow AC with 7 trout for 14lbs 2.75ozs, 5. Davy Moore of Dunfermline Railway with 6 trout for 12lbs 0.5ozs, The heaviest fish weighed 3lbs 2.375ozs and was caught by James Turner of Bank of Scotland, Glasgow District. Crown FF were presented with a presentation bottle of malt to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Lake of Menteith Fishery. The top two teams, heaviest bag and heaviest fish were presented with commemorative bottles of beer.

6ft Water Temperature   17C , Clarity (Secchi disc) 2.5m.

The Lake is beginning to reach swimming temperature – which is good going for May. Most of the activity has been along the road shore to Kates Brae on dries and buzzers. Mayfly hatching is under way and larger dries and hoppers are also are now effective and the western drifts of Malling and the Heronry have also produced top baskets in the last week. This was the result of Colin Riach’s spooning of a fish from the “back of the islands” – mainly mayfly shuchs.


SANACC Scottish Club Championship.

Heat 4 of the 2016 SANACC Scottish Club Championships took place on the evening of Saturday 28th May. 14 clubs were competing and netted 141 fish in total giving a rod average of 3.3. 63 fish were weighed in for 128lbsThe conditions where bright sunshine with a light easterly breeze which made the fishing hard for some of the clubs, the best areas were the Heronry, Loch End and the Gravel pits. Best methods was dries: yellow owls and Sedges on a floating line.

1st place was Alba FF with 30 fish for 60lb 13.5 oz, 2nd place Balfron Piscatorials  with 17 fish for 35lb 1oz and 3rd place Tweed Valley Tanglers with 15 fish for 30lb 11oz. Top 5 individuals for Champion of Champions: Calumn Crosbie 13 fish for 26lb 1oz, Bob Robertson 11 fish for 22lb 3.5oz, Gregor Flemming 9 fish for 18lb 11.5oz, Bruce Chisholm 9 fish for 18lb 2.5oz, Steven Welsh 8 fish for 16lb 1oz. Heaviest fish was caught by Keith Logan 3lb 9.5oz. The winning team Captain received an engraved Menteith 50th anniversary swing top half bottle of malt and the 12 bottles of the Beer of Menteith were also dispersed among the top rods.


34 anglers were out in the 4th heat of the Boat League and caught 151 fish (rod average 4.4). Anglers were out to 11pm in calm and mild conditions. Brian MacKenzie was again top rod fishing dries from Shear Point to Kate's Brae. Brian has now maxed out on the Heat prizes (he chose a Lake T-shirt last night). In second Place and winning the Baynes of Callander tackle voucher was Allan MacLachlan, also with 10 fish but taken mainly on a booby (fished with buzzers on a floating line) at the Malling Shore. In 3rd place was Andy Kemp with 8 fish , fishing with buzzer, booby and dries on a floater. Andy collected a bottle of Malt supplied by Andy Smith of Southside Decorators. Full league table atwww.menteith-fisheries.co.uk

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