Another mixed weeks fishing for Thornton with no two days fishing the same, as the daily rod average lurches from +2 to -1 no pattern whatsoever.

70 acre

Mixed weeks weather, sleety cold showers, rain but milder at the weekend. The rain on Wednesday did reduce the water clarity but thankfully not enough to put off the fish.

The trout remain close in on the banks giving bank anglers good sport, boat anglers at times just couldn’t get close enough in. Its noticeable as well that on certain days the trout had a preference to take flies fished in towards the bank, hence the reason bank anglers had a good week

The shallows opposite the lodge, wood, corner of the wood & lonesome pine continues to provide the best sport with bank anglers using floating & intermediate lines while boat anglers used intermediate & mid range 3 – 4 inch/sec sinkers.

Mick Hanson & Nev Welsh fished from a boat catching 10 trout each, Pete Cox on the same day fished bloodworm patterns from the bank and recorded 8 trout. Mike Oliver used a pheasant tail from the bank returning 15 trout with Phil Cross opting to fish from the bank using a cats whisker to catch 10 trout. B Burton continues to use his black & green patterns on a floating line from the bank recording 11 trout. S Smith caught 20 from a boat on bloodworm & cats whisker with Mark Hunt using dancer patterns from a boat recording 18 trout. Danny Lovegrove & Bob Middleton took themselves down the Markfield arm towards the turn raft catching their fish from this area on damsel patterns & cats whisker.


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If you're coming to fish from the bank be sure to bring wellingtons or waders

Overall average for the week was 3.4

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70 acre

A good weeks fishing, if a little cold at times, with bank & boat anglers catching with the shelter from the cold easterlies given by the bank opposite the lodge fishing best.

When the wind has allowed the lonesome pine area has fished well

At times the bank fished better than the boats with the trout within yards of the bank, with bank anglers using a floating or intermediate line with green & black or white & green lures & damsel producing best, although a few anglers who opted to fish buzzers or nymphs caught, with Phil Harding catching 17 on black crunchers.

Lee Henfrey fished the bank and caught 18, Geoff Tomkinson also bank fished catching 20 trout, John Simpson caught 11 from the bank, Jan Webber decided to fish the bank instead of his usual boat and was rewarded with 19 fish on a red headed damsel & small minkie.

It’s not unusual at this time of year for the bank on some days to fish best, although boat anglers also returned good numbers in particular members Steve Windram & Phill Cross who boated 26 between them

If you’re coming to fish the bank we recommend you wear wellingtons or waders.

Clarity remains good.

Overall average for the week was 5.7

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70 acre

The algae bloom stubbornly remained all week with anglers having to seek out the clearer water.

On Monday Norman Perkins caught 9 to 3lb6oz while Simon K caught 6 on red cdc buzzers, On Tuesday the big red dry fly worked for M Glover and Matt Cairns taking fish to 3lb. Midweek John Kirk opted to fish a booby catching 6 fish for his visit.

All week anglers had to seek out the clearer water which was dependant on wind direction, with our water temperature at around 17 degrees for most of the week once the algae clears we should see a marked upturn in our sport.

Overall average for the week was 1

At times like this at the height of the summer when fishing conditions can & do alter quickly we recommend you contact the lodge for latest info.

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Thornton weekly report week ending 19th June

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Unsettled weather for most of last week, with heavy downpours towards the end of the week, which pushed up the water level in the reservoir, on this occasion our clarity remained good at 6ft, the bonus of the influx of water was the reduced surface water temperature dropping from 21 degrees the week before to 17.50 degrees today.

Overall not many rods out due to the forecast, with fishing I think best described as unsettled, despite a fresh stocking on Wednesday.

No clear method stood out with anglers catching using boobies deep to damsels mid water & dries on the surface.

What has stood out this past week is the amount of pin fry about which the trout quickly turned their attention onto, especially along the wood, stones & green bay.

Geoff Willis caught a 3lb rainbow, with Chris Sayer recording a 4lb4oz rainbow one of 8 he caught on a small booby and buzzer fished on an intermediate, Mick Hanson fished a morning session and caught 6 while Mark Hunt fished a shipmans to catch his 8 trout.

Another stocking this week with the forecast likely to favour cooler water temperatures we should see an upturn in the sport.

Rod average 1.3

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Thornton weekly report week ending 8th May

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A bit of a mixed week with the rod average at 2.6, combination of strong winds & an algae bloom.

As you would expect for early May the trout are well spread throughout the fishery with anglers catching from the Farm bank to the corner of the wood and across to green bay. Bank anglers are still catching off the lonesome pine & off the farm bank. Best of the sport has generally being late morning onwards.

Floating lines with buzzers, damsel and diawl bach was the method most anglers went for a few did well fishing slow sinkers with orange fritz or a fast sinker with short leaders and white booby

81 year old Pam Shuttlewood who only started fly fishing when she turned 70 had a day to remember taking her first ever limit bag which included a brown trout she returned. Dave Leavesley bank fished from 3pm – 6pm with a sparsely tied muddler catching 16 trout.

A number of overwintered browns were caught this week with Nev Welsh catching 10 trout from green bay including an overwintered brown, photo on our facebook page www.facebook.com/FlyFishStore

We should see the hawthorn fly this week with the area along the stones & from the lonesome pine down the Markfield arm being the favourite area.

Our late evening sport should continue to improve with fish moving at night to good buzzer hatches

Our Loyalty card valid at Thornton, Draycote and Foremark is proving popular with some anglers already claiming their first Free visit having purchased 10 trips, ten Loyalty stamps, speak to the lodge for further information and to pick up your card.

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Thornton weekly report week ending 27 March

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Monday to Good Friday we enjoyed good fishing conditions, then over the weekend the strong winds arrived preventing the boats from going out.


Bank and boat anglers caught fish in good numbers giving us a rod average of 4.5 for the week.


Bank anglers in the main are still catching along the shallows opposite the lodge down to the corner of the wood with floating lines crunchers, bloodworm, buzzer, tadpole and damsel patterns doing best. A number of bank anglers have commented on the number of damsel nymphs in the margins, G Clark on his first visit to Thornton spotted damsel nymphs in the margins, swapped onto a skinny damsel nymph pattern and caught 12 trout. Bill Nichols fished buzzer along the margins to catch 9 trout for his 4 hour visit, as did Norman Perkins. New member C Bond fished buzzers off the bank during his 3 hour afternoon visit to catch 5 trout.


Boat anglers and float tubers have caught on a variety of methods, from a floating line to fast sinkers using patterns from buzzers to booby. Dave Price and Neil James fished nomads to get into double figures as they did the week before, Peter Wrigley and Mick Hanson fished crunchers and bloodworm patterns to great effect on their visits again getting well into double figures.


Mark Hemmings bought his non fishing wife out for a mornings fishing and to enjoy the fabulous Good Friday weather and she bought Mark some luck helping him boat12 trout for their visit, having your non fishing wife in the boat must bring you luck as Phil Mee also found with his wife helping him catch 11 trout for their mornings visit. Kevin Dewey was top rod in the party of anglers Nigel Organ arranged from London with Kevin boating 9 on a variety of patterns.


With the longer daylight hours we should see our water temperature start to climb and with it our buzzer hatches will continue to improve, although it’s great to see the amount of damsel nymph in the water, the most I think we have ever seen for the time of year.


Car Park, Lodge and bank fishing open 7.30am

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All anglers off site by 7.45pm


 Our water clarity continues to improve daily with visibility over 2ft.

Bank anglers have enjoyed some of the better sport with Andre Russell opting to bank fish catching 12 trout in a couple of hours on crunchers. Russ Martin caught 6 for his two hours bank fishing with John Kirk fishing the bank to catch 8 trout to 5lb2oz on crunchers and buzzers. If your coming to fish the bank we advise you bring waders.

Bank anglers have found a floating line working best while boat anglers have used intermediate and floaters, with the trout close in on the banks the slowest of retrieves produced the best results.

Bob Jones boat fishing also found fish along the lodge side bank of the Thornton arm, up past the lodge past the spot where the old fir tree lies in the water, again these fish were tight on the bank.

Main areas continue to be the shallows opposite the lodge, wood bank and down towards the lonesome pine.

Most productive time of the day has been the warmer hours 10.00am – 3..00pm with a few buzzers to be seen hatching on the warmer days.

This week’s top patterns, Cruncher, Damsel, Tadpole Black & Green & Cats Whisker

Our water temperature is also moving the right way finishing the week at 7 degrees, the closer it gets to 10degrees the better our buzzer hatches will become with some of the larger grey buzzer putting in an appearance.

Rod average for the week was 3.9

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Thornton Weekly Report Week Ending 13th March: 
Unfortunately we didn’t escape the floods last Wednesday & for the past 5 days we have been waiting for our clarity to improve, and I'm pleased to report improving it is.
Our rod average before the flood was 3.2 and with a stocking going in last Wednesday & another due this Thursday we should start to see our fishing improve.
The shallows always clears first, it’s likely therefore bank anglers will enjoy the best of the sport with the shallows opposite the lodge & corner of the wood fishing best.
It’s likely flies fished slowly with patterns such as booby, cats whisker, dawsons olive will perform best but with my surface temperature up to 7 degrees during any warmer spells we could see some buzzers hatching.

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