This little Roverpack is rammed with great features, like Magnetix technology so your tools attach to the outside of the pack.
The popularity of the Vuefinder Fly Box was no surprise, given its great design and practicality.
This is a really snazzy bit of design and very functional. The patch can be clipped onto your clothing, and it features slotted-foam inserts ideal for storing lots of flies, and there’s even a hook sharpener built in!
This is an amazing fly reel with all the attributes of a top-end model except the price.
These boots are the perfect addition to any angler’s armoury, whether you fish from a boat or the bank. 
This soft-shell fleece is lovely and warm due to its two-layer make-up, and it’s cut to be very comfortable too. 
Storing all our spare spools with lines loaded can be a real problem, but this wonderful bag takes care of that – plenty of space and dividers mean you can get a lot of spools in.
When it comes to fly storage, this competition fly box from Wychwood takes some beating, because the slotted foam creates homes for hundreds upon hundreds of patterns.
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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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