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Eggs, Over Easy

Steve Cullen get’s all excited about eggs... The flies that is, “see what I did there?”

If you think that fishing with eggs is not your cup of tea, then bugger off now, I’ll only offend you. Oops, perhaps I already have?!

No matter. Everyone in the UK is aware of how good Egg patterns can be when you are visiting small still waters, even more so on fisheries that are daft enough to stock with sexed fish, oh dear what are you thinking, they are soooo easy to catch at spawning time!

Anyway, Eggs are often banned on these waters they are that effective.
I remember, a long time ago now, 20 years? Fishing at Raygil up near Skipton, after the cages were broken in a storm, there were so many fish swimming about it was obscene!

Have you ever seen a pod of fish fighting over a coke bottle top, I have, I’ve also seen a brown trout of about 6lb swimming around the margins of said water with a chicken leg in it’s mouth, a witty local thought he would see exactly what the trout would eat!

We - a few Borders boys - were the first to fish the Egg down there, or so I believe, who knows? We came up with the idea, after seeing fish we’d netted release eggs, and sh** loads of trout coming into the margins to take them, as they fell from the net. Next thing you know it’s egg fever.
I know of one guy who fished 20lb nylon and five eggs, four on droppers, highly illegal, but he casts out and pulled in five fish on three consecutive casts!

Needless to say they were promptly banned, rightly so, too they were just far too effective.

However, recently, well for years really, I have been playing around with Eggs for river fishing, mainly based around little Fritz patterns, very effective they are too, on rivers which have salmon runs. BUT it’s been yarn eggs and the sight fishing on both chalk and limestone rivers that has really been an inspiration recently!

I have cast my little Egg, into numerous pools and that initial cast is always the same, virtually every fish in the pool comes over and fights for it, trout and grayling, and big ones from both species!

They hurtle over, swim around it as it descends before finally nailing it as it lands on the riverbed.

I’m not giving too much away, but I have been out now with two very able, seasoned river fishermen, both of them have been blown away by the success rate!

Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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