Steve Cullen get’s all excited about eggs... The flies that is, “see what I did there?”
A lot has been said for streamer fishing mostly negative but Steve Cullen is sure that’s because a lot of anglers have never bothered to give it a go!
Steve Cullen heads off on a family holiday to the stunning Grand Cayman Island, luckily he also took some fly fishing gear!
Rutland Water was horrible when I was fishing the first England Team get-together, a Pro-Am event. It was blowing a hoolie and tipping with rain, awful!
Steve Cullen on a bad day at work and soft hackled beauties.
Well its’ soon going to be coming to and end, perhaps one more weekend? Steve Cullen talks about the Booby season at Framoor II in Oxfordshire.
Wow, it’s been hectic in the office lately! We have had the Tackle & Guns review, Tackle Awards, some great stuff in here and one or two surprises too, as well as our new What’s New 2012, which features some great new products for you to see!
I had one of those days the other day, one where you look at your life and think, I’m so glad that I’m a fisherman.
Recently I was out and about shooting some features, but one in particular really stuck in my mind – for all the wrong reasons!

Total FlyFisher editor Steve Cullen will be on Tight Lines on Friday, April 4th.
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