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Albury Estate Fisheries

Albury Estate Fisheries report 7/11/11

Albury Estate Fisheries
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Day membership £12 for new rods otherwise £10.
Thereafter, four fish tickets will cost you £32. Your fish tickets are valid until you have caught the fish, or 31 March 2012, whichever is the sooner.
Season rod prices from £235 for 20 fish.
Season: Open all year
Top Patterns: Blue Flash Damsel
Top Lines: Floating
Best Areas: Powdermills; Weston Millhouse; Vale End.

FISHERIES REPORT - 7th November 2011

How has it been Fishing?
A small amount of very heavy rain at the beginning of November does not disguise the fact that we have had a pretty dry year. October was no exception, and one of the warmest on record too. 29c starting the month!

Water temperatures have been sitting much higher than normal as a result, with consequently lower oxygenation and more fish irritation, producing testing times for anglers. Fish were usually in a fidgety fussy mood, with occasional fish being taken but conditions quite challenging.

In general, careful casting into often very clear water (as the last of the summer algae dropped out of the lake system) using small flies has been the way to go.

Chief food item around has been the buzzer – so PTNs, GRHE, glass buzzers and small dries such as hoppers and sedges have taken the majority of the fish.

As water cooled with the onset of some frost and longer nights, fish came back more on the feed during the second half of the month, with BlueFlashDamsel and Cats Whiskers retaining their pole position in the flybox.

Large fish were very difficult to tempt, the list saved by the reopening of Powdermills Lake after it’s summer recess.

Importantly, we do need absolute shed-loads of rain this winter to replace missing reserves within the underground aquifer. Rainwater is stored within chalk and greensand and issues out through springs into the lakes and Tillingbourne river. Some of the lakes currently have quite poor ground pressure of water. Low rainfall has also increased pH fluctuations, particularly at Powdermills.

October also saw our annual winter maintenance programme beginning, with Park Lake drained, fallowed and refilled. It is good lake husbandry to dry out and cleanse the lakefloor, on an annual basis, if time and resources permit.

Park Lake reopened to syndicate members only, rods averaging 4 fish bags on the first weekend.

Weston Main lake is currently emptied, and should be back in action for the last week of November. Similar drainage activity is lined up for the remaining lakes, starting at Wood Lodge Pool this week. Keep abreast of ongoing winter work on the website.

Some useful teaching exercises were held during the month, all switched to Vale End, with Park Lake out of action (draining).

2nd Oct saw a Father/Son day at Albury Park, organized by the S&TA. ‘Flyfish 11’ took place 24th -26th Oct, with 64 anglers receiving a 30 minute casting lesson, and a catch rate of 61%, not a bad effort.

Meanwhile, on 29th October, the fishery hosted a Charity Day for ‘KidsforKids’, angling newcomers caught 20 fish, with a magnificent £1600 raised. For all these events, express thanks from the fisheries to the fishing guides and helpers and their invaluable assistance and patience! For further info on lessons, please contact Tony.

Big Fish Captures
Most of the larger Albury stock fish were just content to hold station and watch the world go by during the month! All the following fish came from Powdermills as it reopened after a summer recess in mid October.

8lb Noel Grummitt Cats Whisker PM
8lb 0oz Mr Tyree Daddy PM
7lb 12oz J Grant BFD PM
7lb 4oz Alan Hines BFD PM
7lb 4 oz Marcus Druen Green Buzzer PM
7lb 4oz J Grant BFD PM
7lb 2 oz Marcus Druen Green Buzzer PM
6lb 12oz P Latham BFD PM
6lb 4oz Glen Jones Damsel Ny PM

Marcus Druen with a fine brace of rainbows at 7lb 4oz and 7lb 2oztaken as Powdermills lake reopened towards the end of October. Green Buzzer accounted for both fish.

7lb 4oz rainbow for Alan Hines taken on 5th November on a BlueFlashDamsel from Powdermills.

Top Patterns at Albury
Blue Flash Damsel PTN
GRHE small sizes best
Small buzzers Diawl Bach
GRHE Hoppers Daddy
Cats Whisker (small sizes)

Prospects for November
Cooler water must mean more active fish, watch out for winter chills bringing threat of ice, watch the web for the very latest info.

Day Membership is £12 for new rods and £10 for existing rods.
Fish Ticket prices are now 2 Fish £19 Or 4 Fish £32
Catch 20 Fish for £235 including membership

2012 Albury Park Syndicate
For a prospectus, please contact Tony.

Tony Hern

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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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