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Jubilee Lakes

Jubilee lakes report 21/11/11

Jubilee lakes
Contact Telephone: 01388 772611
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Day Ticket at Jubilee is £16.00 plus £1.95 per pound (approx) to a maximum of £6.95 for each trout taken. The first trout caught must be taken, after which up to six trout may be returned to each lake (12 in total). Additional trout may be taken & paid for as above. SO - If you blank - the day costs you £16.00. If you take your first (which you must) the day costs you £22.95 - even if that trout weighs 10lb.
Exception - On Sundays only we are now offering a Catch & Release Ticket - 12 trout. All rules apply but no trout need be taken unless they are not fit to be returned.
Parent & child ticket (11 to 16 year olds) costs £23.50. Both parent and child must take the first trout as above then both are allowed six returns on each lake. For their own safety anglers under the age of eleven years are not admitted. Children on a junior ticket must fish close to their parent & must wear eye protection.
A 'Season Ticket' is available - 20 day tickets which may be used, subject to rod availability, at any time within one year of purchase. This costs £270.00 - a saving of £2.50 per visit. We also now offer a 'Short' Season Ticket - 12 visits for £174.00
We DO NOT accept credit or debit cards for fishing. Cash or cheque only please.
Season: Phone or go to website to check dates
Top Patterns: Black Fluff Cat, Olive Zonker, Dawsons Olive and Orange Nomad others have done well on small black buzzers.
Top Lines: Floating

FISHERY REPORT - 21st November 2011

Summary Of Fishing: Not a bad day on Thursday with Eric Parker and his son Thomas doing well on the Hot Tail Zonker. Same day Stuart Sexton was here but he was catching on small buzzers. Saturday, Stuart was here fishing again and did well, but this time he caught on a pattern he never normally uses - the Orange Nomad. Totally different.

Patterns have been very variable and while anglers have done well on the Black Fluff Cat, Olive Zonker, Dawsons Olive and Orange Nomad others have done well on small black buzzers. There have been a lot of anglers complaining that they have been getting plenty of interest and plenty of takes but the trout have either turned away last minute or no sooner been on the hook than back off. That's fishing - but at times it can make you spit!!!

Additional News: Best trout this week have gone to Stuart Sexton from Richmond who took a 5lb 14oz on a Buzzer on Thursday and a 6lb 9oz on an Orange Nomad on Saturday. Mr Eric Parker (Snr) from Consett took a 6lb rainbow on a White & Lime Hot Tail.

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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