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Albury Estate Fisheries

Albury Estate Fisheries report 4/1/12

Albury Estate Fisheries
Venue Address: Albury, near Guildford, Surrey
Postcode: GU5 9AF

Contact Telephone: 01483 202323 Mobile: 07976 810737
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Day membership is £10 for regulars, £12 for the day for newcomers.
Then, buy 2 fish tickets at £19 or 4 fish at £32.
For each fish caught at Powdermills fishery (5 lb average water) you will need two tickets.

20 fish at £235 for 1st Oct 2011 until 31 March 2012
Top Patterns: BlueFlashDamsel, Cats, Bloodworm
Top Lines: Floating
Best Areas: All over

FISHERIES REPORT - 4th January 2012

How has it been Fishing?
Three or four days with only partial ice coverage during December proved to be the exception during what turned out to be a very mild end to the year. 2 ft of snow fell in Dec 2010, but in 2011, we had one of the warmest Decembers for 100 years.

Water temperatures went back on the rise, providing some really excellent fishing, with the best sport occurring in the first metre of water. Floating lines were again of most use, and although some of the fluffier, hairier flies are now producing pretty successfully – marabou tailed lures, leech patterns, buggers and the like - the smaller patterns generally used in buzzer hatches continued to do well, with even some dries scoring well at times, especially at Vale End where the most surface activity was to be found.

There were a number of good sized bags taken, a 10 pounder for season rod Dr Joe Mason, with also plenty of fish in the 6 to 9lb calibre landed, especially at Powdermills, whilst overall, the very mild week between Xmas and New Year proved to be one of the busiest of the year!
All fisheries are currently open.

Due to a rain shortage in 2011, the two uppermost lakes at Weston have taken a long time to refill, with Main Lake still 30cms from max level.
Clarities have been very good, especially at Millhouse, Weston, but elsewhere, river influence has coloured water during heavy rain.

Catch stats for the month……
Park Lake 77, Powdermills 118, Vale End 309 and Weston 199.
Total catch of 703 trout, beating the November total by 5 fish. Now, that’s what I call global warming.

Best bags:
Powdermills – 4 fish for John Williams, 3 fish for Ian Moreland, Dan Hemmings,
Mr Inc h, Geoff Blaber, Ben Chan, A Clarke and Tim Wright.
Vale End: 8 fish for J Moxon, 5 fish for B Hemmings , C Athawes and M Athawes
4 fish for Stan Hoad, Paul Sheppard, P Willis, Alan Carter, Alastair Duncan, George Novell, M Klavins, C Onley, R Maynard, Sai Lai, R Martin, M DeCoverley, D Good, M Spencer, N Duckworth and Tom Hornby.
Weston – 6 fish for Darius Andrzejewski , 5 fish also for Darius Andrzejewski, 4 fish for K Allen , T Bleach, J Nicholls, A Sheader, Peter White, L Golding, B Connock, M Whiteman, D White, G Taylor, K Moore, Mr Sweet and Mick Hook.

John Stephens with a 9lb 4oz rainbow taken from Albury Park Fishery. This is a syndicate water and has been open to Syndicate Members for the winter period following an early autumn drainage. The fish took a Brown Mohair Leech pattern.

Rainbow Captures of 7lbs+.
Key: AP = Albury Park, PM = Powdermills, W = Weston, VE = Vale End,
BFD = BlueFlashDamsel, CW = Cats Whiskers!

10lb 0oz Joe Mason BFD PM
9lb 0oz David Brookes CW PM
8lb 12oz Mr Inch Orange Fritz PM
8lb 6oz Dan Hemmings BFD PM
8lb 2oz 1667017 CW PM
8lb 0oz Paul Walker Blue Nymph VE
8lb 0oz 1672504 CW PM
8lb 0oz Tony Neidenbach CW PM
7lb 8oz Simon Furber BFD PM
7lb 2oz Fred Weeden White Nomad PM
7lb 0oz 1672502 CW PM
7lb 0oz Ian Moreland BFD PM
7lb 0oz Noel Grummitt BFD PM
7lb 0oz Simon Furber BFD PM

Top Patterns at Albury
Blue Flash Damsel
Cats Whisker
Bloodworm Small buzzers
Montana Nymph Diawl Bach

Prospects for January
Water temperatures are still above normal for the time of year, but it won’t take many more frosty starts before we see a bit more ice formation.
Vale End may be offering the only ice-free fishing on Mill Lake. We have cleared fishing positions on the far bank here, to accommodate a few more intrepid winter anglers.
Small patterns have worked superbly well through the early winter fishing, but you can now use ‘hairier’ marabou patterns with more confidence as fish will be mostly inclined to chase a lure. Late January will see Belmount Lake being drained.

Lessons always available, please ring for an appointment to learn from scratch, or, improve your technique.
We also give three days of free lessons twice a year at ‘Flyfish 12’ – conducted during Easter , 11-13 April, and October HalfTerm 2012.

Park Fishery
The 2012 Park Syndicate prospectus is out in a couple of days. If you are seriously interested in river sport on private beats for wily brown trout, then Park Fishery is right up your street. Also available, it’s own private rainbow trout lake and access to the complete day ticket system at Albury.
Further details from Tony.

Day Membership is £12 for new rods and £10 for existing rods.
Fish Ticket prices are now 2 Fish £19 Or 4 Fish £32

Catch 20 Fish for £235 including membership

Tony Hern
Mobile 07976 810737

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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