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Lake of Menteith Report 01/11/16



A record October for angler numbers at the Lake (and no doubt for catches once they have been toted). The Lake continues to fish well with Lochend to Arnmach being the top area. Sink tip with booby on the point and buzzer or diawl bach higher up or pulling lures on a fast glass are popular methods. Top boat yesterday Armour and Litster with 27 fish, with quite a few other boats in double figures. The Paper and Pulp Mill AC from Lochaber weighed in 37 fish with 6 boats for 83lbs on Sunday and Hamilton and Earle weighed in 4 for 19lbs 9oz and returned 30.

The forecast is reasonable/glorious over the next few days with generally light winds, apart from Thursday which is forecast for light to moderate south westerlies and a bit more wind and rain. The calm weather has seen the first build up of algae this year, but levels are slight to very slight and it has so far only been noticeable in one or two sheltered bays and is easily disappeared by a light wind.

With the clocks going back we are letting folk out as soon after 9am as they can manage. Fishing is going on till the 11th November this year. Michael Wilson from Edinburgh landed the fine pike on the fly. Fishing this Sunday at our Kirk and School Fundraiser starts at 11am.



This CLOWN ANGLER was snapped recently at the Lake. Note the angle of the boat and the lack of lifejacket and boat seat strap. There were three recorded instances of anglers sliding backwards on their boat seats and doing the back flip this spring. Hence the SAFETY rule about the seat straps which should secure the front of the seat in position. They are available to borrow or buy (£2).


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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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