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Elinor Fishery Report April 10th - 16th

182 anglers caught 970 fish of which 745 were returned.


Best Fish

12lb 8oz  Gary Martin, Corby, red apps, boat

7lb 6oz  Steve Freeman, St Neots, black buzzer

6lb 8oz  John Lashbrooke, Corby, green tadpole

6lb 6oz  Chris Redhead, Whittlesey, hares ear, boat

6lb 6oz  Mark Waring, Alconbury Weston

6lb 5oz  Ray Ward, Olney, damsel, boat

6lb 2oz  Mark Waring, Alconbury Weston

5lb 9oz  Dudley Burrows, boat

5lb 8oz  Steve Blackburn, Kings Lynn, olive cdc, boat

5lb 6oz  Roly Stanford, Finedon, yellow marauder, boat

5lb 3oz  Bob Beardsley, Kettering, black buzzer, boat

5lb 2oz  Ray Ward, Olney, green/white lure, boat


Best Areas

Bank - dam, brookside, gravel bar, boat bay

Boat - gravel bar, west arm, down middle


Best Patterns

olive or black buzzer, red or green cruncher, grhe, olive or hares ear cdc, small damsel, pink apps, white/green lures, tequila fab/blob.

Fish are feeding heavily on olive buzzers especially during the morning and late evening.

In good fishing conditions there are many more fish feeding on the surface with washing line and dries catching well along with straight lined buzzers.

Alder fly are present in good numbers. Usually the Elinor trout ignore them. This season the fish are taking them, particularly browns. A hares ear cdc has worked well.

Fish that are being caught deeper have been feeding on immature damsels as well as buzzer pupae.


Next Stocking

April 19th, 21st



May 21st Tommy Wood Memorial buzzer match (bank, free entry, open to all))

June 4th Scierra Pairs heat (boat)

November 12th Dave Hughes Memorial Fur & Feather (bank & boat)

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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