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Lake of Menteith 31st October 2017

“The End is Not Nigh –welcome to the Quiet Season”

It seems a bit odd officially staying open this winter, albeit with fewer boats on offer, and it remains to be seen what kind of uptake we get – and what the winter brings in the way of weather. As one angler said to me today on the last day of the old season – “staying open is the norm these days for the big fisheries……” There are plenty of fish in the Loch/Lake and we have another 500 waiting in the wings in the pens. The cormorants appear to be leaving them alone for the time being as they are too big to munch, and the pens are in amongst the water weeds which the birds appear not to like. Some of our anglers have had their best days ever at the Lake this week (namely Jim Gordon and co.) from Dumfries. They had 18 for the boat. Stevie Bett and John Singleton were out today and called it day at 3.30pm with 23 for the boat including this toothy critter taken on a white snake (the only fish to take that particular “fly”).

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Above: Kenny Sichi took this one for the smoker last week and Davie Mateer had this grilse like specimen on the Thursday. Elma is now starting to put bookings in the diary


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Some fine photos by Colin Riach.


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